SterileFLAT SF08-14

SterileFLAT Medical Laser Mouse

  • 2 Command buttons page up/down slide control wheel feature
  • Easy and quick to clean
  • Nano silver impregnated antibacterial latex free silicone membrane barrier, reducing the risk of cross infection


The danger of cross infection is not only reserved for keyboards? A computer mouse can be used many times by multiple medical staff members throughout the working day.

SterileMOUSE-LASER SF08-14 Antibacterial Laser Mice are an invaluable tool in reducing the risk of cross infection in any medical environment.

SterileMOUSE-LASER SF08-14 is a high performance unit with laser diode optics; manufactured with 100% silicon overmolded mouse body impregnated with antibacterial nano silver that’s easy to wipe down and disinfect so as to reduce the spread of germs. It features a 2 command buttons with sealed page up/down slider control wheel.  This is an ideal solution for highly sterile environments such as hospitals, dental surgeries, doctors surgeries, medical centres, and laboratories. Where hygiene and cleanliness is paramount. Comfortable and easy to use.

Benefits of SterileMOUSE-LASER Antibacterial Mouse

  • Laser diode optics
  • Easy fast wipe clean surface – can be cleaned with antibacterial and alcohol based agents chlor-clean similar products
  • High quality 100% silione laser mouse that combines active silver nano technology
  • Totally sealed unit
  • 2 command buttons with sealed page up/down slider control wheel
  • CE approved, FCC, RoHS compliant
  • Very cost effective for use in any medical environment
  • Latex free silicone body
  • Plug and play USB connector