Amico Barcode Dock Mount

Barcode Dock Mount

The Amico Barcode Dock Mount can be rail mounted or attached to a VESA plate on an LCD monitor. The mount accommodates a variety of barcode scanner bases and has been tested with a wide variety of charging bases. Supported barcode scanner bases can also be mounted in different orientations.


  • Code Reader CR2600 and other scanners using the CRA-A101 or CRA-A104 charging base
  • Honeywell 3820, 4620, 4820, 5620 and other scanners using the Honeywell 2020 charging base
  • Honeywell Xenon 19xx series and other scanners using the CCB01-010BT charging base
  • Honeywell Granit 19xx series and other scanners using the CCB02-100BT charging base
  • Motorola Li4278, Symbol LS4278, and other chargers using the STB4208-C000-7R, STB4208-C0001R, or STB4208-C0001WR charging bases
  • And a variety of other barcode scanner bases

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