Advantech AMiS-50


Advantech Medical Cart

  • Highly integrated computer and power cart solution for medical applications
  • Intel® Core™ i5 processor for high performance
  • 10-hour battery runtime with 420 W power supply
  • 40-kg load capacity with motorized height adjustment
  • Medical-grade certification
  • IPX1 rated for superior infection control
  • Keyboard light supports use in dark environments
  • 4 x USB and 1x RJ-45 port in VESA mount neck
Part Number Motor Embedded Computer Battery
AMIS-50-FM1-F2NE Yes Intel® Core™ i5 4300U 420W
Advantech AMiS-50 - Specification
Power Cord
Part Number Power Cord Type (Spiral)
1700019822 China
1700019823 US
1700019824 EU
1700019825 UK
1700020538-01 Australia
1700022626-01 Brazil
Part Number Touch DICOM preset True Flat Power
PDC-W215-DC-BTE Yes Yes Yes DC
AMT-1021N-D25W1 No No

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