24” Monitor

Detect subtle variations in surgical site tissue with motion adaptive deinterlacing and advanced 3D noise reduction. State-of-the-art technology is built into FSN display monitors, ensuring forward compatibility with future video signal standards. FS-L2402D satisfies integrated OR requirements for patient safety, reliability, precision, HD digital images, and unique space requirements.

  • Higher brightness and contrast – 600 nits
  • Designed and manufactured to FSN’s strict quality standards
  • Approved as medical electrical equipment
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight to meet boom and spring-arm weight requirements
  • Dependable service record in the field
  • Calibrated at the factory for optimum HD color and resolution
  • Perfect for dual-monitor requirements
  • Compliant to safety standards


The input/output options on FS-L2402D include dual DVI, plus an on-board DC out power connection for smaller component needs. Like all FSN displays, it features rapid signal detection of video sources found in the OR, and can satisfy the need for smooth, artifact-free medical images.