At ECA, our ability to build the latest technology into medically viable solutions has seen great success after almost 15 years in the digital healthcare and medical industries. Today, we now offer nothing but a value-added approach with products that can help make your solution become a reality.

ECA - Products and Solutions - Advantech

Offering the latest hardware and software, an industry standard customer-centric design service and a global logistics infrastructure, Advantech stands as an innovator in the development of high-quality, high-performance platforms. These now sit at the centre of almost every industry and application area with long-life solutions that are designed to the highest industrial quality standards.

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Dell EMC

Established in 1999, Dell EMC OEM solutions has helped more than 3000 companies in over 40 industry verticals get their solutions to market more efficiently. By building Dell EMC’s hardware, software and services into their solutions, Dell EMC OEM has the scope to securely manage a solution life cycle – from end point to data centre.

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ECA - Products and Solutions - Amico

Founded in 1974, Amico design, manufacture and market a broad range of products for virtually every healthcare department. As an innovator in the medical IT industry, Amico’s mounting solutions are uniquely designed to suit the needs of healthcare providers and personal. Deliver first class patient care with a solution designed with you in mind.

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