ECA Services – the UK Premier Partner for Advantech since 2003

Advantech-PartnerFounded in 1983, Advantech’s medical division operates as the industry standard for hospitals, healthcare facilities and medical manufacturers both across the UK and around the world. Offering innovate hardware and perfectly tuned software, their patient-centric design service and global logistics infrastructure stands as an innovator in the development of high-quality, high-performance platforms. Advantech’s vast range of medical and digital healthcare products include:

  • Clinical monitors
  • Healthcare infotainment terminals
  • Intelligent power systems
  • Medical carts
  • Medical computers
  • Medical tablets
  • Patient infotainment terminals

Advantech’s commitment to industrial quality is unrivalled. Every product is designed to cope with the unique demands of the healthcare industry and, with the latest Intel processors from their embedded roadmap, all Advantech’s products are designed for long-life use with a 5 to 7-year lifespan. This guarantees a stable and reliable platform with continuous commentary on updates and replacements as the next generation of medical products are designed, implemented and maintained.

With a foundation of innovative technology from Advantech’s medical division, ECA has the capability to provide the very best in healthcare applications – from labs and clinics, to wards and theatres. We have the scope to design, build, distribute and support any solution and as their UK Premier Partner, you can rely on our complete supply chain with first class support.