ECA Health - Driving Digital Excellence in Healthcare

Driving Digital Excellence

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As the Five Year Forward View etches closer with each day, there are already a number of advanced NHS Trusts that are making strides towards digital excellence. In a bid to expand efforts and drive this ethos across the health service, NHS England is inviting those most digitally advanced to apply for a fund to transform them into centres for excellence capable …

ECA Health - Big Data, Big Results

Big Data. Big Results.

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Typical diagnoses come in the form of symptom examination and illness identification. Whilst this proves successful, investigation in such a manner can be expensive and time-intensive. If we were to utilise big data, the improvements for both developing and developed countries could be revolutionary. Dr. Nick van Terheyden, CMO for Dell Services, reports that the biggest opportunity for healthcare is the …

ECA Health - Wearables - the Future of Clinical Trials

Wearables – the Future of Clinical Trials?

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As we shift towards the faster, more reliable and more cost effective method of electronic data collection, there is discussion over which is the best technique for use in clinical trials. From mobile apps to voice dictation, the question remains – why aren’t we using something that many of us already use? Wearables. If you’re not already wearing a FitBit, an …

ECA Health - High-Tech Healthcare

High-Tech Healthcare

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As our national health infrastructure faces its biggest reform in decades, we’re starting to get a glimpse of what the future of healthcare will look like. The road hasn’t always been smooth with newsworthy stories that have both showcased progress and highlighted failings. Similar can be said for health services outside of the UK as more healthcare providers turn to technology …

ECA Health - The road ahead for the NHS

The Road Ahead for the NHS

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As the Health Secretary commits £4bn for investments in NHS technology, the digital transformation strategy set down in The Five Year Forward View is starting to take shape, but all is not what it seems. Recent reports highlight 2 very different angles – digital maturity falling short of expectations and the trialling of new technologies by individual Trusts. If different trusts are trying …

Google DeepMind

Artificial Intelligence – Pushing Healthcare Forward

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Whilst you might think Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a thing of the future, we’re already starting to see AI applications in everyday life. Whether you’re asking Siri to recommend a restaurant, chatting with a Facebook “bot” or learning more about robotics, it’s intriguing to see this ingenuity spread to industries you might not have thought of. In this case, we’re talking about digital …

ECA Services at UK e-Health Week 2016

ECA @ UK e-Health Week 2016

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With more than 3000 healthcare professionals and 80 IT suppliers in attendance, ECA’s stand at UK e-Health Week 2016 was a resounding success. As the UK’s biggest and most influential e-health event, it was fantastic to see so many incredible exhibitors and presenters over the 2-day event at Olympia in London. NHS England was of course a huge participant with their focus on the …

Infection Control and Technology

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Over the last couple of decades there have been massive strides in the adoption and implementation of digital technology within the healthcare environment. Medical equipment broadly falls into two camps – “dedicated products” like ventilators, pumps, anesthesia systems, MRI scanners etc. and “computer systems.” Computing and digital technology promises to increase efficiency and effectiveness in clinical healthcare environments (as opposed …

EPR – the History of Electronic Patient Records

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At the start of the millennium, there was an attempt to update our National Health Service and bring systems into a truly integrated and paperless environment – a daunting prospect for one of the world’s largest organisations. As efforts continued through the years, this initiative had its fair share of problems and unexpected costs. NHS Connecting for Health was set …

Modern Applications for Telehealth

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With the pace of technology development in mobile computing, both devices and communications, it seems that the future for telehealth applications is looking positive. The Telecare Services Association’s definition of telehealth is “the remote exchange of data between a patient at home and their clinician to assist in diagnosis and monitoring, typically patients with long-term conditions”. Telehealth uses technology to …

Hospital Computers Reduce Death Rates by 15%

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The lives of more than 750 patients have been saved at two hospitals after nurses started using tablets instead of paper charts to record patients’ vital signs. Thousands of patients die in hospitals because of errors in calculations and poor handwriting. A new study has found that handheld computers can reduce death rates by 15%. Research published in the British …