ECA Services Ltd. Becomes an EMET Group Company

ECA Services Ltd. Becomes an EMET Group Company

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  Strategic partnership to focus on UK and European growth, granting ECA the scope to support full stack IT infrastructure at any scale. Reading, May 14, 2018 – ECA Services Ltd. and EMET Group (E&M Computing, TASE: EMCO) today announced completion of a strategic acquisition that will see the Reading-based system integrator join a group of IT infrastructure specialists. Building …

ECA Health - Healthcare IoT On The Rise

Healthcare IoT On The Rise

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Robotics, wearables, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) – there’s no denying it; we truly have embraced the Internet of Things (IoT). Its profound impact on our culture and economy has led to one of the most creative and lucrative periods of our history, and it’s only just begun. With almost 80 billion devices expected by 2025, the reach and scope …

Merry Christmas from all of us at ECA

Christmas & Chinese New Year at ECA

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With the festivities approaching, we can now confirm our official hours for the holiday season – please see below: Friday December 22nd: 08:30 – 12:00 Monday December 25th to Friday December 29th: CLOSED Monday January 1st: CLOSED Tuesday January 2nd: 08:30 – 17:30 At ECA we work very closely with our Taiwanese and Chinese partners who are also counting down to the …

ECA Health - Driving Forward with Digital

Driving Forward with Digital

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Since its inception in 2013, NHS Digital has played a pivotal role in the creation, implementation and continued momentum of the health service’s digital IT strategy. Collaborative projects are on the rise, however more recently a focus has been on the adoption of technologies by other government departments and agencies. Management at NHS Digital has called on the entire health …

ECA Health - Doctors and e-Nurses

Doctors and e-Nurses

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The National Health Service (NHS) stands unwavering in its commitment to providing universal healthcare for all in need. Their continued focus on personal development and digital technology is helping to nurture both sides of the healthcare landscape, one that is revolutionising the bedrock of our medical infrastructure – our nurses. NHS Digital has recently endorsed the Royal College of Nursing’s “Every Nurse …

ECA Health - Innovation v. Privacy

Innovation v. Privacy

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Since its inception in 2015, the breakthrough medical trial between the Royal Free NHS Trust and Google’s AI division, Deepmind, has led to several advances in algorithmic-based applications. Now 2 years on, it’s come to light that the trial may have violated privacy laws when it was given access to patient records. On July 3, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) revealed that …

ECA at Tough Mudder London West 2017

ECA’s Triumphant Return to Tough Mudder

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If you’re lucky enough to have avoided the call to arms, a Tough Mudder typically involves a 10-12 mile run with 20-25 obstacles scattered throughout. Throw in the hilliest and most demanding landscape in the county and you have Tough Mudder London West 2017! Following our spectacular appearance at London South last year, we returned to the mud once again, only …

ECA Health - Easing Pressure on the NHS

Easing Pressure on the NHS

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Notwithstanding the Five Year Forward View, the National Health Service (NHS) is facing very similar challenges to many other healthcare systems around the world. Caring for an aging population, the rise in reactive conditions, the growing number of chronic disease cases; if there was ever a time where innovation and technology could help support our already stressed-infrastructure, this is it. Whether …

ECA Health - Machine Learning and Medicine - The Beginning

Machine Learning and Medicine – The Beginning

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As we recently covered in our piece on NHS 111, it’s becoming clear that mobile healthcare has a real place in the market. Similar to NHS 111; the medical technology start-up AliveCor has recently announced successful funding for its Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) powered stroke prevention platform, Kardia Pro. Receiving $30 million from Omron Healthcare and the Mayo Clinic, Kardia Pro is a smartphone app …

ECA Health - The Doctor's Office of Tomorrow

The Doctor’s Office of Tomorrow

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When you think of visiting the doctor, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? A waiting room filled with old magazines? A series of similarly-looking exam rooms? Walls adorned with motivational posters? All of this could soon change as the next generation of medical technology merges with rising expectations for healthcare. Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), biometric sensors; as …

ECA Health - Transforming Healthcare at the Operational Level

Transforming Healthcare at the Operational Level

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Smart thermostats, connected appliances, self-driving cars – when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT), the list of paradigm-shifting innovations is endless. When we consider healthcare and the future of our medical infrastructure, the first thoughts go to wearables – incredible devices that capture and measure biometric data. Whilst these devices have attracted the attentions of inventors, manufacturers and healthcare …

ECA Health - Advice via Algorithm

Advice via Algorithm

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Originally introduced in 2013, 111 serves to alleviate pressure on the NHS’ 999 service by offering medical advice on those cases deemed non-emergency in nature. Since then, demand for 111 has increased to 15 million calls a year, a staggering 650% increase on the volume from 2013! In line with their digital strategy and the 5 Year Forward View, NHS England is trialling …

ECA Health - Driven by Deep Learning

Driven by Deep Learning

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With an estimated 22 million veterans from service in the US’ 5 main branches – the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard – the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers a comprehensive range of benefits to those who have served, mostly during combat. One of these benefits is enrolment in the country’s largest integrated health system …

ECA Health - IoT and the Fight Against Dementia

IoT and the Fight Against Dementia

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40,000 – the number of people under 65 who have dementia. 225,000 – the number of people who will develop dementia this year. 850,000 – the number of people living with dementia. 1,000,000 – the estimated number of people who will be living with the condition by 2025. When you look beyond the UK, these figures increase dramatically with an estimated 7.7 …

ECA Health - VR in the OR

VR in the OR

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4 to 6 years at medical school, 2 years studying at foundation level, up to 3 years of core medical training and then up to 8 years of speciality training – with the educational path taking up to 18 years, the journey to become a doctor is one of the most demanding. As the country’s healthcare foundation continues to change, doctors …

ECA Health - The Future - Technology & Healthcare

The Future of Healthcare Technology

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As the country’s healthcare infrastructure continues towards the vision of the Five Year Forward View, we’re now starting to see a shift towards an any-time, any-place healthcare model, one that can flourish thanks to the technology that supports it. If this is the beginning of this transformation, what technologies could we see at the end? Within the healthcare sector, it’s interesting to see that …

ECA Health - The Rise of the Digital GP

The Rise of the Digital GP

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As the NHS continues to augment its digital portfolio, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has recently given a provisional stamp of approval to Dr Now – the first digital GP service to ever face an independent inspection. In a draft report released by the Manchester-based healthcare provider, Dr Now has been deemed “safe care in accordance with the relevant regulations.” Along …

ECA Health - Diagnosis: Smartphone

Diagnosis: Smartphone

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We live in the golden age of smartphones. With 75% of users now accessing the internet via a smartphone and 6.4 billion connected devices predicted by the end of the year, the NHS plans to soon capitalise on far-reaching accessibility in a bid to modernise the service in the eyes of the public. Offering medical diagnoses via smartphone; there are hopes that this era of connectivity will help …

ECA Services on Stand 62 at The Health and Care Innovation Expo 2016

ECA @ The Health and Care Innovation Expo

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Following our appearance at UK e-Health Week in April, we continued our showcase at one of the NHS’s largest and most innovative events of the year – the Health and Care Innovation Expo. This 2-day event at Manchester Central gave us a fantastic opportunity to present our healthcare solutions to visitors and delegates who are driving change across the health service. Expo focused on …

ECA Health - Wearing the Future of Healthcare

Wearing the Future of Healthcare

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Following our piece on clinical trials, recent developments at Fitbit Inc. could soon see wearables becoming a focus within healthcare infrastructure. The wearables manufacturer has recently hired Adam Pellegrini, a key e-commerce executive, to pioneer its push into the digital healthcare industry. The former VP of digital health at Walgreen Co. will focus on developing productive relationships with healthcare providers and …