As an innovator in the medical IT and digital healthcare industry, Amico has created a line of mounting solutions, uniquely designed to suit the needs of healthcare providers and personnel. Products from Amico are designed to aid in the provision of first class patient care, so you know your solution is designed with you in mind.

Amico - AHM Monitor Arm

AHM Monitor Arm
Amico - SSM Monitor Arm

SSM Monitor Arm
Amico - Falcon IT Workstation

Falcon IT Workstation

Amico - Condor IT Workstation

Condor IT Workstation
Amico - Monitor Roll Stand

Monitor Roll Stand
Amico - Hummingbird Workstation

Hummingbird Workstation

Amico - Barcode Dock Mount

Barcode Dock Mount
Amico - CPU Mount

CPU Mount
Amico - Equipment Rails

Equipment Rails