ECA at Tough Mudder London West 2017

ECA’s Triumphant Return to Tough Mudder

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TM London West 2017 - Course MapIf you’re lucky enough to have avoided the call to arms, a Tough Mudder typically involves a 10-12 mile run with 20-25 obstacles scattered throughout. Throw in the hilliest and most demanding landscape in the county and you have Tough Mudder London West 2017! Following our spectacular appearance at London South last year, we returned to the mud once again, only this time…we came prepared!

Whereas last year we started with just 1 person wanting to take on the course, this time we started with a team of 10 – but we didn’t stop there! We joined forces with Bloom Recruitment along with our friends and family to create our 22-man super team! With half a dozen rugby players, a handful of CrossFit aficionados, a couple of marathon runners and an ice hockey player, if there was ever a team to take on London West, we had it. This year we journeyed to the majestic Culden Faw estate in the beautiful Henley-on-Thames where we immediately began to miss the flat woodlands of West Sussex.

The cardio, training and preparation truly paid off! After 4 hours tackling the worst terrain known to man (I’m probably exaggerating but if you saw those hills you’d appreciate the effort), all 22 of us crossed the finish line, earning our orange headbands in the process. Not only that, but our returning Legionnaires earned theirs in green whilst some of us even managed to achieve them in blue – as if 1 Tough Mudder wasn’t enough!

Whether it was trawling through the thickest mud known to man, falling 5 foot backwards into water, swinging across gaps with just an airbag to fall on or diving into a skip-full of ice, Tough Mudder London West was certainly an experience, one that our team certainly won’t forget any time soon.

Last year we raised more than £3000 for the Alzheimer’s Society and their fight against dementia. This year we ran in support of MQ, the mental health charity; a cause very close to our hearts after we sadly lost a friend earlier in the year. We’re immensely proud to have helped raise £5,687 for MQ and their work towards transforming lives impacted by mental illness:

  • 1 in 4 people are affected by mental illness each year
  • 3 children in every class have a diagnosable mental health condition
  • £105 billion is lost each year to the UK economy because of poor mental health
  • 7,000 people in the UK take their own life each year
  • 90% of people who die by suicide have a mental health condition at the time of their death

Whether you ran with us, donated to Luke’s Fund, sent messages of support or were there to see us cross the finish line at this year’s Tough Mudder London West, we’d like to say a huge thank you from all of us at ECA Services!