ECA Health - Machine Learning and Medicine - The Beginning

Machine Learning and Medicine – The Beginning

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As we recently covered in our piece on NHS 111,ECA Health - Machine Learning and Medicine - The Beginning it’s becoming clear that mobile healthcare has a real place in the market. Similar to NHS 111; the medical technology start-up AliveCor has recently announced successful funding for its Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) powered stroke prevention platform, Kardia Pro.

Receiving $30 million from Omron Healthcare and the Mayo Clinic, Kardia Pro is a smartphone app that’s been fully approved by the FDA to accompany AliveCor’s proprietary EKG reader device. The small device pairs with an iPhone and can provide EKG readings in just 30 seconds! AliveCor have also developed a new EKG reader that can fit into an Apple Watch band. This has since been launched in Europe and is awaiting FDA approval for use in the U.S..

Following an extensive study in 2016, the jump to build and fund Kardia Pro comes at a time when heart disease rates as the number one cause of death globally. This unique device and app combination is considered a premium offering for medical personnel who want to monitor the EKG activity of those at risk of stroke or other heart-related diseases. Its smartphone design makes the system more accessible whilst its A.I. analytics makes it more powerful. Data points for weight, height, activity, blood pressure and BMI are all analysed by the A.I. as it searches for potential triggers, including those that might not be immediately detectable by typical methods.

Regular recordings can help form a more precise profile of a patient’s health history and current condition. By identifying anomalies, Kardia Pro can alert physicians to EKG changes, helping heart disease to be caught earlier. While the app cannot officially diagnose a patient, it can provide doctors with the data they need to gather an accurate view of a patient’s health.